You know how Aussie business owners struggle
day in, day out, with ever increasing OVERHEADS and spiraling PEOPLE COSTS?

We Solved This

We did this by building a SUPER PRODUCTIVE team of talented people, in a little known, safe, tax effective offshore zone in the Philippines, reducing our people and overhead costs by 75%+ ...and increasing our revenue by 10-20%... (all within 3 months).

  • FACT: Outsourcing can make you or break you (50-60% of SMEs will fail)

  • FACT: Business owners are blindly jumping into outsourcing, unwittingly costing themselves tens of thousands of dollars.

  • FACT: We’ll show you how to get it right…from the start.

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Getting Outsourcing Right

  • 11 outsourcing secrets learnt the hard way

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The 7 biggest and most costly mistakes business owners make when outsourcing.

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The Tour

”Discover new and extremely exciting business models that 99% of Australians don’t know exist during an intensive three day offshoring tour in the Philippines that will transform your business and your bottom line.”

Outsourcing is a major decision for your business and the consequences of getting it wrong can be devastating. Pulling your business out of a bad arrangement can be cost many tens of thousands of dollars plus the huge opportunity cost of your valuable time.

Whether or not you are convinced that outsourcing is the way forward for your business, it is well worth your while to invest the time upfront to explore your options in person. We promise that when it comes to offshoring in the Philippines, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Decisions you make now will make or break your future and your dreams, so you owe it to yourself to come and check it out.


Probably the biggest advantage we got at the tour is the fact that we now know how this works, we now understand what the processes are, we now know what we need to do to be successful during this process and we know what to avoid… The tour itself was very enjoyable to be on. It’s a good combination of both business-related and also pleasure… I suggest when you’re thinking about outsourcing, make the time, make the effort and spend some time on Dave’s tour. It’s a well worth investment. You’re going to find and learn a whole lot of new things and you’re going to improve your business.

- Lee

Dave’s trip is fantastic. There’s nothing that you don’t want to do, there’s nothing that’s too squeezed in, it’s very relaxed and he’s very honest… What excited me after spending a week here was how diverse this place can be with its beauty, its great food and its beautiful people – my mind has just been blown away about all the things you can do… Every dream that I had as an entrepreneur, I can literally step by step make it come true with the leverage of labour versus money in this economy, it’s just amazing… Get on a plane, take the time and come and check this out because it will blow your mind... I think once we set up a team of three, we’ll create an offshore business to offset some tax, look within it, 12-18 months, we could save up to half a million dollars quite easily.

- Brent Callan-Kerkenezov

Director, Ivy Contractors Roofing Specialists

You can see what's happening over here with outsourcing. If you're not doing it in Australia, you're at a competitive disadvantage and you’re not going to be able to offer your customers the experience that you want to give them… I've always wanted to play big in the business. I really want to play that game and I haven’t been able to and coming over here, I can see that's now possible.

- Damien Battersby

CEO, Proactive IT Solutions

It's been an amazing experience for me both professionally and personally… Never did I realize the scale of what's with the possibilities and what's available out here… The tour is very professional, it was action packed the whole time. You're meeting ex-pats, different organisations, outsourcing companies, a whole range of different industries…

- Ryan Fitton

Founder, Punch Buggy Digital Agency

It's a full, rich experience and really working out how to leverage the time that you have. I've always struggled with working way too much and taking on too much, now I have the answers to solve the problems... I can’t wait to get back to Australia, implement some of the new resources that I now have access to.

- Natalie Wischer

Executive Director, Australian Diabetes Online Services

Dave and his whole team have just been loving, caring, supportive – really great mentors. And I would suggest that if you really want to improve your business for your families, then you jump on this tour now.

- Sean Sullivan

Co-Founder and Director, Betta Box Pty Ltd

The trip was amazing. It was full on three days of content learning, experiential. Dave and team go above and beyond, and I was completely spoiled for the three days of the tour. During the three days, I learned a lot about business and I learned a lot about the Filipino people. You won’t find a warmer, more generous, caring, compassionate, really talented and bright group of people. And it was really refreshing to meet a whole host of people willing to talk to me about my business and help me look for ways to expand.

- Paul Timms

CEO, National Coaching Institute

The world is not getting any less complex. It’s getting more competitive, margins are shrinking. No one can afford and sit around and think about this. The amount can be saved by using outsource professionals. David’s Rocking the Boat Tour will give you a variety of professional activities and needs and number of service providers. Excellent way to get an introduction in the Philippines.

- Henry Montgomery

Chairman & Founder, Montgomery Pacific Outsourcing

He is a good, down-to-earth, honest guy who has had to leave Australia to make it work and he has done and he has succeeded. If you can have the opportunity to be able to have somebody who can lead the way, David is the guy who can do that job.

- Heath Borissow

CEO, Shogun International


Don’t be fooled by glossy websites and charismatic sales people. This 3 day intensive tour could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of stress and headaches:

Plus, you will also learn:

The secret to building the most cost effective and productive offshore team

How much to pay and why paying more doesn’t necessarily attract better talent

Who to hire and who not to hire (and when)

How to attract extraordinary local leaders to your business

Cutting edge technology on offer to keep your people and teams accountable

Much, much more!

Be Informed – Outsourcing Can Make you or Destroy you

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Our story

On a shoestring budget, we found a new way to save $21,000 a week in wages and expenses… within 3 months.


David Warne

CEO, Owner and Founder

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Rocking the Boat Outsourcing Tours

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Discover how an iconic Australian company survived and thrived by saving over $21,000 per week in costs.

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Outsourcing Resources


How to slash costs and boost profitability

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Learn how to build an empowered offshore team to drive business growth

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This is an exclusive and private tour only available to motivated Australian business owners who genuinely want to learn how to reduce costs and drive growth.

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"I personally guarantee that this tour will open your eyes and transform what you think is possible".

You will take home strategies that will unlock cash within your business and dramatically increase your bottom line."

- David Warne.